Continuing Education Scholarship

This scholarship will apply to informal continuing education. Recipients can only be awarded the cost of the course/seminar/program or $500, whichever is less.  Applicants cannot receive more than one award per year. The total number of awards in each year will be at the sole discretion of the Board of Trustees.

Objective Criteria

•     Does not preclude individuals with prior college education.
•     Must be minimum 18 years old at the time of application
•     Must be a graduate of Civil Engineering, Building Sciences, Architecture,
•     Mechanical Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Construction Engineering,
      or Construction Management; or been engaged in
consulting practice related
building envelopes.
Must be sponsored by a minimum of one RCI, Inc. member. RCI, Inc. member
      cannot be from the same employer as the
Applicant. Sponsor must fill out
      sponsorship form

Subjective Criteria

•     Length of time the applicant has stayed committed to the industry.
•     Education must be offered by RCI, CAC-RCI, or any other organization
      as deemed acceptable by the Board of Trustees.

•     Must submit certificate of attendance. If an exam is offered after the
      course, must also pass exam.

•     Must demonstrate financial need.
•     Preferably is a member of RCI, Inc. or another related organization.
•     Has demonstrated commitment of his/her career to building envelopes
      through attendance at building envelope related seminars; or publication of 
      articles, presentations, and/or participation in industry
related organizations, 
      committee activities, etc.

•     Preferably has attended several CAC-RCI functions.
•     Preferably has worked or has accepted a position with a firm engaging
      in building envelope consulting, construction, or product development.

Completed application forms and sponsorship form, should be submitted no sooner than January 1st and no later than April 1st of each year. Twenty applications will be reviewed based on first-received basis. Applications must be sent to: CAC Building Envelope Foundation, NFP, 309 East Rand Road, Suite 342, Arlington Heights, Illinois 60004, or e-mailed to

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