Formal Education Scholarship

This scholarship will apply to graduate or under-graduate programs. Recipients can be awarded one scholarship per year, from $500 to $1000. The total number of awards in each year will be at the sole discretion of the Board of Trustees.

Objective Criteria

•     Does not preclude individuals with prior college education.
•     Must be minimum 17 years old at the time of application.
•     Must be enrolled in one of the following curriculum: Civil Engineering, Building
      Sciences, Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Architectural Engineering,
      Construction Engineering, or Construction Management.  Exceptions to the
      above listed curriculums shall be allowed only when approved by the Board of
•     Must have completed first year of curriculum with a minimum GPA of 3.0
      out of 4.0.

•     Must be sponsored by a minimum of one RCI, Inc. member. Sponsor must fill
      out sponsorship form.

Subjective Criteria

•     Education must be offered by an accredited college and acceptable to
•     CAC-BEF Board of Trustees.
•     Must demonstrate financial need in a letter explaining his/her financial need
      with supporting documentation as the applicant deems necessary.

•     Must have a recommendation letter from dean, professor, or student advisor
      indicating interest and commitment to building envelope related studies
      (exterior walls, building sciences, waterproofing and roofing).

•     Preferably is a student member of RCI.
•     Preferably has attended some CAC-RCI or RCI, Inc. functions prior to

     Preferably has worked or has accepted a position with a firm engaging in
      building envelope consulting, construction, or product development.

Completed application forms, sponsorship form, student records, and letter of recommendation from Dean, professor or student advisor (see subjective criteria above) shall be received as follows:

Fall Semester/Fall & Winter Quarters: no sooner than June 1st, no later than July 31st.

Spring Semester/Spring Quarter: no sooner than October 1st, no later than November 30th. 

Up to 20 applications will be reviewed based on first-received basis. Applications must be sent to: CAC Building Envelope Foundation, NFP, 309 East Rand Road, Suite 342, Arlington Heights, Illinois 60004, or e-mailed to 

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